Two years ago I posted an image of the falls at Zindel Park and recently showed you another taken there in mid-winter. Yesterday was a beautiful day here at the farm but the weather service was calling for unstable conditions to come so I wanted to be out with the camera. The other night I listed to an online lecture about landscape photography and was surprised to hear the speaker say something like, if it’s a beautiful clear day with not a cloud in the sky, the best thing to do is to go fishing. What I think he meant was that a cloudless sky doesn’t provide much of a backdrop for a landscape and, I suppose in some sense, he was right. But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t venture forth on a cloudless day. Yesterday’s clear sky provided brilliant illumination and presented a great opportunity to take photos in the woods, and Zindel Park came to mind. As soon as I arrived it was clear that the creek which ran through the park was going to be the focus of my attention. The water was moving swiftly and the sun cast some nice shadows as it made its way through the high canopy. I’m guessing that your reaction to the first picture is going to be something along the lines of He played with the colors too much, the result is over-saturated and looks much like one of those Elvis-on-Velvet prints. Although I adjusted the vibrance a bit (not the saturation), I did not play with the color and limited other adjustments to exposure and clarity. So what you see is what I saw. For those of with an interest in metadata, the first image was taken using a Hoya ND64 Neutral Density filter, a 25 second exposure at f18 and ISO100. The long exposure allowed the camera’s sensor to discern the subtle hues of blue and green which cast down upon the water from the sky and canopy above. I liked the second photo for the way in which it expressed the contrast between the movement of the water and the stillness of the mosses and ferns. You may click both of these images for larger versions which I hope you will enjoy.




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