Several swallows do indeed make a spring


Although I’m not sure what my area of particular photographic expertise is, I do know that it is NOT birds … especially ones in flight. Yesterday, however, during morning chores, I became aware of a Barn Swallow behavior that I thought might allow me to photograph these delicate birds in flight. There are perhaps five or six nests in the rafters of the barn and I had noticed that each time I rolled open the great wooden doors all of the adults would fly from their nests and make their way out through the large door on the opposite wall. They would vocalize loudly as they circled back into the barn, around, and out the rear door once again. This behavior repeated until I left. I’m guessing this is alarm behavior intended to distract  my attentions (or those of a would-be predator) from the nests nearby. I went back to the house and returned with my camera. The birds were swooping chaotically so my only hope was to push the ISO, up the shutter speed, and fix the focus on a particular spot in the opening to the outside. As the birds swooped by I would press the shutter release without trying to track individual flight paths or to compose. I liked the results.


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