Farm quiz

Today’s quiz question is … in what way or ways do I find satisfaction in this picture? Agriculturally speaking that is, not photographically. And, no fair peeking at the answers below.


I find satisfaction in this scene for the following reasons, and in no particular order: (1) the pasture is green and growing rapidly, indicating good soil moisture and appropriate nutrient levels, (2) the pasture is free of weeds, indicating good management, (3) the forage is beginning to produce seed, indicating high nutrient levels, (3) the forage is thick and plentiful, (4) the lambs are healthy, note their uppy ears and bright eyes, and their fleeces are of good color and look to be in good shape, these are things a natural-color fleece farmer likes to see, and (5) the lambs are in good condition or in other words, they’re fat. How many did you guess?

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