Abstractionism … no assembly required

I’ve never worked to achieve any degree of abstractionism in my photos so it is that I must explain that this one simply presented itself. Yes, I desaturated the RAW file, increased its contrast, and reduced the highlights but, otherwise, this is it. I wonder what you make of it? Perhaps a few hints might help; but, wait, that’s not the way abstractionism works. I’m supposed to present the image, period. You’re supposed to view it and do with it what you will. Right? Anyway, here’s a hint. The image was taken while walking the Pine Creek rail trail; and, in particular, it was taken while traversing a steel truss bridge which spans the creek at Ramsey. To discover the identify of these patterned swirls just scroll below. And, no fair peaking.


Ok, ok, this is an image of tree pollens floating on the surface of Pine Creek. The dramatic swirls were created by the influences of the current and eddies on the floating mass. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

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