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  1. I don’t know HOW you managed to capture this moment in time. LOVE how the black one has a stick in his/her mouth!! Really shows the effervescence of youth! This is a real classic. Deserves to be enlarged, framed horizontally and hung on someone’s wall!

    • The one with the stick must be a boy … girls have tags in the left ear and boys have them in the right (and his left ear is clearly without a tag). The white one just in front is the brother and I believe these were twin boys! As I pointed out in the post, Joanna had been asking that I try and get a picture of the little ones running around … but it’s quite difficult … if you chase them, they just run to mother … so you have to be careful to catch them when they’re playing and having fun … and they tend NOT to do that when you’re out there with the camera. I’ve been out with the ‘good’ camera on several occasions with no luck. I just happened to be out one afternoon with the point-n-click in my back pocket and, wouldn’t you know, the opportunity presented itself. So, not a high-quality image (probably wouldn’t take too well to being enlarged very much) … but it does capture the energy of the group. Thanks for the ‘thumbs up.’ D

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