So, yeah, I made a big deal about expecting lambs in the middle of March; Mea culpa, but not entirely. Let me explain. First off I will admit that although I failed to note the day we put the ewes out with the rams, I was fairly certain that that had occurred on or around October 15. Ovine gestation lasts about 150 days so I was not surprised when we did not have lambs on March 1 but was quite perplexed when the season did not begin, two weeks later, around the middle of the month. Day after day went by and the Joanna began to ask … Are you sure they’re bred and you haven’t just been feeding them too much? I assured her that the ewes had been with the rams for long enough for two complete heat cycles. When April 1 rolled around I began to worry and wondered whether we should catch up the girls to check to see if any was ‘bagging up.’ And then I thought, if the ewes had been cycling synchronously and had been first exposed to the rams just as they were coming off a cycle on October 15, that would have put lambing off another 17-21 days … just about right for #1407 (a little boy) to have arrived this afternoon, between rain showers. So you see, there’s always a rational explanation. Next year I will watch the ewes closely for signs of heat around the time they are first exposed to the rams and promise to note the date of first exposure on the kitchen calendar.Lamb1407

9 thoughts on “Miscalculation

  1. Aww, what a cutie … landed on his feet and he’s ready for anything πŸ™‚ What a time you’ve given yourselves waiting for these wee souls to arrive … the calendar sounds like a good plan for next year!

    • I would not jump to any conclusions about the mental capacity of a lamb … for you know, someone once asked, “What do you see when you look into the eyes of a sheep?” The answer? “The back of its skull.” D

  2. There’s something about lambs and kids (I mean young goats). They come out all ready for the world, quite unlike our own young. I recall sitting through a presentation many years ago that seemingly required 90 minutes to explain what could have been done in maybe two minutes. But, nonetheless, the point was made-waling on two legs and having big brains requires compromises. One thing this has left me with is the abiding notion that if we expect great things we must allow the appropriate about of time. The higher level thinking and reasoning skills that give us the advantage in this current world do come at many costs, don’t they? Congratulations on #1. I imagine the others will be along when they are good and ready!

  3. Ah, what an absolute beauty he is! I am grinning like a new grandma! So happy to see the first baby, Dave. I can’t wait for more! I can never get enough of the little lambs!

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