There was a time, long ago, when I was much involved in sports. Like many of my friends I played hockey, baseball, and tennis, and even took turns at track and at wrestling. Many of my friends either excelled at one or another of these endeavors or were lucky to belong to teams which did very well. They were awarded medals for their efforts and others were lucky to have won trophies. I can still remember coveting the awards which had gone to others for I too wanted one of these physical symbols of achievement, so badly in fact that my good mother once purchased a trophy for me. Its figurine was nondescript and, of course, had no inscription on the nameplate. Many years later, as young women, my daughters showed goats, sheep, hogs, rabbits, poultry and beef at our annual county fair. Joanna and I have an attic full of trophies which attests to their successes in the show ring. Both girls were also competitive fencers and each has her collection of awards. Joanna has not only received ribbons for participating as a member of a competition sheep-to-shawl team but she also has an extensive collection of awards received for fiber art that she has entered in local and more distant competitions. Suffice it to say that, among this winning family, I have always felt rather unaccomplished. If you follow the comments section of this blog closely you will know that I mentioned in replies to comments made here that, with much trepidation, I entered my first photo competition. It was a juried show and entries were judged this past week. I am happy to report that all of my submissions were accepted and two of them won awards. The image of dried Teasel took Third and the one of the falls was awarded the single Honorable Mention of the show. These achievements were more than a half century in coming … scary when you think of it in just that way.

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