Excused absence

The last post to have been uploaded to this Pairodox blog is dated February 8, making it two weeks tomorrow since I last clicked the publish button here at WordPress. That last communiqué told of the installation of a water well here at the farm. What I did not report then was that I had begun brewing a good case of the flu on the Friday before the day the well was drilled. Between overseeing the drilling on Monday, the excavating on Tuesday, the plumbing and electrical work on Wednesday, and doing chores on all three days, I’d estimate that I spent nearly fifteen hours outside in winter weather that included snow, sleet, and temperatures well below freezing. I was feeling so poorly that by Wednesday afternoon Joanna put me down for a nap. I don’t take naps, normally. I remained in poor health last week as symptoms migrated from my throat, to my head, to my chest. For most of this week I have been on deck but have been experiencing what Joanna calls post infectious poop. It’s been a very difficult three weeks which have presented few opportunities for photography, thus the profound silence from this quarter. Because it has never been my habit to rest in bed, while ill, I had ample opportunity to sit in the kitchen by the wood stove. One project which I took time to work on was the construction of a SmugMug site which has allowed me to begin the process of gathering together the many images which have been presented at this Pairodox Farm blog. If you have read any in the series of retrospective posts which have appeared here you will know that I have expressed the opinion that, Given the way in which blogs are presented, I am convinced that posts which reside more than a scroll or two behind the most recent are doomed to languish and to be forgotten. I believe that many of the photographs which have appeared as part of this blog have appeal and I wanted to be able to showcase them in one place. I hope you will take the time to visit this new site and please do let me know what you think. In closing, I hope you enjoy the image below. It was taken in the autumn of 2012 while on a drive through the countryside to our southwest. Given the habit of rejecting the use of electricity, almost all households belonging to our local Amish sport extensive laundry lines. I always watch for them. They are a treat for the eye as Amish outer garments (shirts for the men and boys and dresses for the women and girls) are always quite colorful.


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