On the cutting room floor

As I sat to prepare this post I did an internet search for the phrase which I had in mind for its title and, much to my surprise, there were several links to it. The words grew out of the celluloid film industry and refer to unused footage, edited (literally cut) out, never to appear in the finished film. With the advent of new technologies however the phrase is doomed to extinction since, rather than being physically cut out and tossed into a bin, digitally recorded sequences are now selected and deleted (and are comprised of digital bits, only to be selected and inserted if so desired). So, in what way does the phrase link to the image below? You may recall my recent description of a walk along Chatham’s Run. Although only a single photo illustrated the post, it was not the only one I had taken earlier that day. It is a continual source of frustration for Joanna when I’ll spend and hour or so taking photos, use one to illustrate a post, and then leave the others on the cutting room floor. She’ll say, Didn’t you get other nice ones when you were out today? I captured the image below while walking along Chatham’s Run and Joanna is right … it is quite nice. She says the ice looks like blown glass. I like its color and the ways in which deformations in solid water both mirror and contrast with those in liquid water.


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