Of reflections and wormholes

Water blankets ice

Sunlight dances as it may

Shallows reveal depth


I took this image the other day while scouting photographic potential. I ended up walking Chatham’s Run, but before ending up there I explored other possibilities in another little bit of flowing water which moves along our western property line. Ice was well established and covered the width of the narrow stream bed. Here and there large holes exposed the moving liquid below and rocks in the course caused water to splash up and onto the solid surface. As I walked, this curious reflection caught my eye. How odd it was that I should see tree limbs, high up, while looking at my feet. It was cold, blustery, and yet the reflection provided the optimist in me a window into the spring which I knew was not far off. If only I could have entered that space and traveled the wormhole (a hypothetical topology connecting separate points in spacetime) connecting a very cold day indeed to one that called from the depths of a thin reflection. Perhaps I should have tried?

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