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  1. I have to chuckle at some of the predicaments you get yourself in! You are like a cat with 9 lives. At least this time you had your coverall and boots on! Glad there wasn’t the opportunity for someone else to photograph YOU, submerged through the broken ice with the camera safely above your head! All that being said, you continue to find beautiful images where there seems to be a dearth of opportunity. These abstract photos are very clean and architectural. I admire the skill it took to get the snow looking like it had just fallen. The lighting was certainly in your favor. Did you ever figure out how thick the ice actually was on that day?

    • Because I, thankfully, didn’t fall through I am not able to say. I just checked on the internet (where else?) and found that just 3″ or so of ice is enough to support the weight of an average person. Since we were so, so cold the other week, and because the milder temperatures were so short lived, I would guess that we have more than 3″ on the pond. I did jump a bit (very close to the edge of course) just to see if the surface might crack a bit … and it didn’t budge, so I thought I’d be OK. Thanks for the ‘two thumbs up’ on the images … I liked them too, and agree that they would look nice if enlarged, framed, and installed on a nice large expanse of white wall … in a living room perhaps. D

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