Grismal indeed

Careful readers of this blog have commented on my use of the term grismal to describe the weather which has been gray and dismal (and so it is that gray + dismal = grismal). [In preparing this brief post I did a Google search for the term. Although I have only ever heard the word pass Joanna’s lips I wanted to be certain that it was, as I had believed, a nonsense word of hers alone. To my surprise the word appeared at Urban Dictionary. I was even more surprised when I looked to discover that ‘JMKS’ had proferred its definition in September of 2006. The real surprise is that Joanna uses these very same initials. I’m sure this is coincidence but what are the odds?] Grody is also a word she would use to good effect to describe our current weather. [I did a Google search for this as well and found that it is generally accepted and more widely used than grismal.] I took the truck into town early yesterday afternoon. The frigid waters of Pine Creek continue to generate great plumes of mist. Although the tides moved with no predictable rhythm I could discern their ebb and flood even up the mountain, here at the farm. I glanced to the east and this image appeared from out of the gloom. I had left the D600 home but had the trusty HX9V with me. It did a commendable job I think.


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