Retrospective ten (December 2012)

Given the way in which blogs are presented, I am convinced that posts which reside more than a scroll or two behind the most recent are doomed to languish and to be forgotten. Because I believe there is value in looking at contributions from days, weeks, and even months ago, I have decided to post a gallery of images presented during December of 2012. Perhaps it will be interesting to scroll through these and to compare them to those presented during this past month. Be patient, it may take several minutes for all of the images to load fully. Hovering over an image will reveal its title. Clicking one will take you to a carousel view and you can either move through the collection or click the links to read each post in its original form. Note that this is the tenth in my series of retrospective posts. If you’d missed any of the others you can find them all by using the search feature in the sidebar to the right, simply search for retrospective.

5 thoughts on “Retrospective ten (December 2012)

  1. So I have followed your blog for less than a year (though it seems like “ages”) – I don’t recognize the images yet (I didn’t cross-check the comments on each post … I hope that I didn’t just forget that I have already seen them). My favorite is the same as Maurice’s … the car-tree-crossover.

  2. The moods you create are moving and your subject selections are consistently beautiful and intelligent. Love the retrospectives. Keep them coming.

  3. Lots of old favorites here. I can’t believe how crisp and clean your images are. Not to mention the unique compositions. My favorite is the kitty looking out the door with the reflection of the gorgeous sunrise BTW, I used one of your photo note cards the other day and was proud to mention that my brother had taken the photo! Here’s to more great photos in 2014!! πŸ™‚ Perhaps the snowfall over the next few days will be good for photo taking!!

  4. You are correct – older posts never get viewed except through a chance encounter with a search engine. Lovely bunch of pictures, as usual. I lingered longest on the one with the car. Happy New Year! Looking forward to lots more musings from Pairodox Farm πŸ™‚ As for me, I think I’ll renew the focus on eLearning for the next few months.

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