At last

It has been an unusual summer in that few, if any, mornings have been graced by color in the east and we have been treated to none of the sorts of fiery sunsets that we experienced in abundance last year. I wonder why? I had just finished with the dishes when I looked out the window and noticed that the sky, ahead of a weather system which is expected to arrive overnight, was colored blush. I hurried upstairs and as I exchanged the 24-85 for the 14-24 I noticed deepening color in the west. I grabbed the monopod as I negotiated the top of the stairs. Out the back door and standing in the front hay field I squeezed off 43 images in 6 minutes and then it was over. I have wondered before why we find nature so awesome (in that it inspires awe and please not in the vernacular sense of interesting or wonderful). Why do our eyes widen at the sight of a waterfall or the thought of an ocean abyss? Why do we marvel at breaking waves or start at cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning? Why is it that nature both frightens and inspires? If I had to guess I would say that we are predisposed to these emotions because the lives of our ancestors were directly impacted by events and occurrences such as these. Today, of course, we simply crawl into our constructed boxes and are thereby protected from the elements. In ancient times our ancestors couldn’t run and they couldn’t hide, they lived intimately with the world of which they were a part. I can surely believe that the forces of nature instilled genuine fear. Over the millennia however we have learned, for better or worse (I do not know which), to circumvent the impact of these forces. Perhaps our primitive, atavistic, fears have been transmogrified to find expression in awe and, especially, inspiration. Clicking the image below will reveal a somewhat larger version. Enjoy, and be inspired.


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