Cardinal flower

If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery then this post represents loud approbation for the work and WordPress blog of  Steven Schwartzman at Portraits of WIldflowers. I cannot determine, from examination of my blogging statistics, just how long I have been following Steven; in very short order, however, I have learned much, especially from reading his discussions of techniques used to create the always beautiful images of Texas wildflowers which grace the pages of his blog. Steven posts something nearly every day and the simple act of looking at so many beautiful images is the very best way of learning by good example. So, I have him to thank for the eye I am developing as a result of being one of his followers. Joanna and I biked the length of the Pine Creek Rail Trail on Sunday (notice that I said the length and not a length … we did all of its 62 miles and change … I am just a bit sore today) and came across a small clump of Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) along the banks of Pine Creek, just south of what is known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. I am very sorry that the specimen was going by and that it was not in better shape. The few flowers that were in good condition were awfully pretty, don’t you think?


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