Last time … I promise

This is the last post of images of the mill we visited last weekend. The last, that is, until we revisit (as promised) come fall.


22 thoughts on “Last time … I promise

  1. Finally this gives me the chance to comment on these photos 🙂 Years ago my husband and I travelled Austria in a very random fashion… actually we visited only villages and cities whose names started with ‘z’ (… long story, insider jokes…) Anyway, that random selection criterion led us to places a typical tourist would never find. We have seen some small abandoned mills in the south of Austria, buried inside the woods near the border to Slovenia. Your pictures invoke these memories. I think the fascination stems from the questions on the history of those mills. You ask yourself ‘Why and when have operations been abandoned?’ How did the last owners feel when they had to give up?

  2. Wow. This may be my favorite, but I have to say I’ve enjoyed all of your mill photos. There is something fascinating about peering in through an old window or doorway to see the remains of what used to be a bustling place. Ruins such as these give me the same feeling as when I visit a cemetery – it is more a feeling of thoughtful peacefulness than of sadness. Cool beans!

    • Hey Professor! Nice to see your name in my comments section. I hope you received my recent email and that it didn’t get stuck in your INBOX! Thanks for taking time out of what must be a very busy schedule to read and to comment. As always, very much appreciated. D

    • Hey, thanks much Charlie. I have never been trained as a photographer and especially appreciate it when folks who know lots more than I say things which suggest that I’m on the right track! D

    • I do not know Steve … but, for some of us, it is indeed a genuine preoccupation. I am neither historian nor archeologist but I truly enjoy poking around all old structures, in the hope (I suppose) of learning something about the ways our predecessors lived. Because time travel is not (yet) possible we will have to allow these structures to speak to us about times that we cannot otherwise know, first hand. D

      • I spent a couple of years in Honduras and returned to Central America briefly several times more. Among the highlights for me were visits to various ruins, especially Copán, Tikal, Chichen-Itzá, Uxmal, and Teotihuacán. I photographed at Copán in 3-D and infrared (and even the two together). What fun.

  3. I keep wanting to put it all back in place! All of the timbers and wood frames. This is a fascinating ruin. I had a similar feeling the other day when I walked out my back screen door. This year, I did not allow Romero to cut back the flowers and trees and vines. He was working on cleaning out the fountain just outside the door which required him to cut back some of the tall flowers that had grown up against the fountain. As I looked around, I realized just how quickly nature reclaims her own space after we move on. Within a very short span, little trace of us would remain if we just stopped hacking away at her 🙂 That thought inspired the next. We are not the natives here.

    • You got it ONE George. Humans have been around in this form for perhaps 200,000 years … and who knows for how much longer. Once we are gone the earth will heal and millenia after our departure there will be little trace. The Earth is patient, she can and will wait. D

  4. Would be fun to see this same shot in all the 4 seasons, all the stone/wood would remain the same color but the foliage would all be different! Here’s hoping you don’t get caught the next time!

  5. Who can blame you for wanting to revisit the site? It is hauntingly beautiful and causes one to wonder what secrets it holds. The setting speaks of history and time, and every angle is different and interesting, not to mention aesthetically pleasing to the eye and imagination. Keep those old mill shots coming.

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