Draft and a small matter of opinion.

Draft and a small matter of opinion http://wp.me/p1yRFa-3pN

2 thoughts on “Draft and a small matter of opinion.

  1. Wow. What a treat for the eye! That young man is something else! I haven’t seen an actual oxen team in my lifetime. The closest I ever came to seeing animals work together was the mules that pulled the cultivators on my grandfather’s farm. I was too young to recall the details, but I have a mental image of the halters stuffed with straw? Could that be true? I did see them work though. And was one of the kids whom the men threw up onto the backs of the huge mules after they unharnessed them and sent them off down the pathway to the water troughs behind the grainery. They knew where to go without direction. We hung onto their stiff manes and ducked to avoid the low-hanging tree limb on the turn in the path. It was a real treat for us when we were little. I really would like to see this guy work the oxen. You should video it. 🙂

    • What a great memory and story – thanks, really, for sharing that George. And you know, now that you mention it … dam (oops … excuse me … I mean, darn), you are right. I should have pushed the video record button as this guy was working; what a great post that would have made. Few have seen this art as it is worked. I was so focused on getting a good still shot that the idea never, ever, crossed my mind. Opportunity LOST. Argh. D

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