4 thoughts on “Sisters

    • Thanks for checking in today Tammy. I hope all is well down on the Farm. We are sensing the ‘turn’ toward autumn around here. Hard to say just what gives us the indication – it’s just something in the air. Second cut horse hay still needs to be made … but our forecast isn’t that great for the next little while. Days are getting cool as well … I’m feeling just a bit unsure about this harvest. The ewes are just beginning to be aware of the rams once more … several more weeks and those little tails should begin to signal the onset of the breeding season. School starts up again shortly (ugh). D

  1. Audrey really is a beauty. Does crimp mean the twists or curl in the fleece? I can never understand how in the world that mat of a coat ever turns into wool! 🙂 Apparently, it’s just like the top coat all the way to the skin?

    • Hey George. ‘Crimp’ is the waviness of the fibers. You should check out this previous post ( which talks a bit about fleece characters that we breed for. You have again outdone yourself today … commenting and liking so many of my posts. As always, many thanks. I am now invigorated to take on the day …. CHARGE!

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