We were expecting rain on Wednesday past and the sheep felt the coming change. This time of year members of the flock usually spend the afternoon lounging in the shade. On this day however most weren’t able to relax and alternately grazed and milled about; this provided an opportunity to do some ovine portraiture. As flock animals, sheep operate much as schooling fish. Unhurried movements may be made to graze, drink, or perhaps pay a visit to the salt lick. More chaotic transitions from rest are made in response to my arrival on pasture or movements of the ever-watchful Anatolians. From looking at the images here you might assume that these girls were very much interested in what I was doing. Truth-be-told they look attentive because I was singing to them – after a fashion. I have found that if I click, pop, and whistle as I compose and adjust exposure the animals become preoccupied with that rather than focusing on my increasingly close proximity. The moorit (brown) beauty is Audrey, the daughter of Alice and Siegfried. I think she’s quite pretty and is in possession of a fleece of nice color, fine crimp, and long staple. The black lamb is Audrey’s sister, Lucille.

My very good WordPress friend Maurice at Duck? Starfish? but … 23 made the following comment in response to this post … I simply had to include it here. Many thanks Maurice.

Now I’m fixated on what you may have been singing. Here are my top ten:

10. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Genesis
09. And Dream of Sheep, Kate Bush
08. Sheep, The HouseMartins
07. Black Sheep, Martin Sexton
06. Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep, Diana Krall
05. Baaaaaaaad to the Bone, George Thoroughgood
04. Barbara Ann, The Beach Boys (as in Baaa Baaa Baaa Baaaarbara Anne …)
03. Baa Baa Black Sheep (Well, we could not leave this one out, could we?)
02. Mary Had a Little Lamb (Of course this had to make the list.)

And, of course Number one …

01. Hey Ewe Get of Off of My Cloud, The Rolling Stones

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