The skies were grey and threatened precipitation for most of the day. These inauspicious conditions notwithstanding, I walked the creek where this Iron Truss bridge, part of the Pine Creek Rail Trail, crosses at Ramsey. Having biked across this bridge many times I knew there was a canoe launch just downstream. I drove there, parked, and walked upstream toward the bridge. It was quiet, I was alone, and thought a cairn might enhance the view to the North. It’s been a while since the opportunity of building a cairn has presented itself. Joanna was walking the trail with a friend, afternoon chores were done, and I had the time. After establishing the tripod in the watercourse I realized that I would need a neutral density filter to cut down the light to allow a long exposure. For those interested in such things this image was shot at ISO 50 and f10 at 25 seconds. I worried, on the drive home, whether the swiftness of the water had resulted in camera shake and blurring of the image (especially over such a long exposure). I was unable to check this while working in the stream because I had lost my glasses out of my shirt pocket even before the first exposure was complete. [I did look for the glasses … but it was difficult search to for them without my glasses.] I think the final image works well. The steely gray of the sky balances nicely with that of the moving water while the orthogonal intersection of bridge and cairn satisfy my need for order. Summer green splashed across the near hills and river valley are mirrored (if you look closely in the high resolution view) in the cobbled bottom of the stream bed. Balance (of all sorts) … gotta love it.


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