Fresh heifers

Joanna and I traveled to Penn’s Valley to participate in a bike ride in support of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. The loop took just under two hours to complete and afterward we were treated to a delightful luncheon which was put on by the Elk Creek Café and Ale Works. Although I had the D600 along, I was distracted for most of the ride by problems with both the front derailleur and the front brakes. The former issue was solved with a bit of on-the-fly adjustment and I don’t want to talk about what was wrong with the brakes – ever. We made our way home along the valley floor and came upon this obliging group of fresh heifers. The girls were at some distance when I first approached. As I squeezed off the first few frames my efforts to achieve just the right composition attracted the attention of at least the α-cow (if there is such a thing). As she walked over the other members of the group followed suit and soon the entire group was watching with rapt attention. Apparently I was quite entertaining. Click the image for a larger, higher resolution, view.


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