Fresh heifers

Joanna and I traveled to Penn’s Valley to participate in a bike ride in support of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. The loop took just under two hours to complete and afterward we were treated to a delightful luncheon which was put on by the Elk Creek Café and Ale Works. Although I had the D600 along, I was distracted for most of the ride by problems with both the front derailleur and the front brakes. The former issue was solved with a bit of on-the-fly adjustment and I don’t want to talk about what was wrong with the brakes – ever. We made our way home along the valley floor and came upon this obliging group of fresh heifers. The girls were at some distance when I first approached. As I squeezed off the first few frames my efforts to achieve just the right composition attracted the attention of at least the α-cow (if there is such a thing). As she walked over the other members of the group followed suit and soon the entire group was watching with rapt attention. Apparently I was quite entertaining. Click the image for a larger, higher resolution, view.


28 thoughts on “Fresh heifers

  1. I have no idea how you managed to get such a pretty, really pretty, group of cows to stand in such a formation or how you managed to create such a dramatic image of them, but you did.

  2. I am awed by this photo, and also with your ability to stop, given that your bike apparently lacked brakes!

    • Betty! OMG (as the kids would say) … it’s you? Thanks so much for checking in. Who (as if I had to guess) told you about the brakes ‘issue’? Or, perhaps you simply guessed that they ceased to function? We weren’t on the bike, but in the truck, on the way home when we passed these ladies on pasture. I think they were awfully pretty and the group arranged itself in just the right way. I wish I could say that I was a cow-wisperer and that I directed them … but I would be lying … I was just lucky. Please do scroll through the remainder of the blog when you have time. If the text is of no interest there are plenty of nice pictures. As they say, ‘Tell your friends and neighbors!’ I wonder if you signed on as a ‘follower’ or simply checked in as a one-time event? Anyway … thanks again. D

  3. Reminds me of walking in the fields by my house as a kid and being so scared when the cows did this to me. Then my mama told me to just say “boo” and they would all run. I didn’t believe her, but then tried it and I wasn’t ever scared to walk through the fields again. Beautiful picture. Miss you!

    • Great story … thanks for sharing. I can see you, as an 8 year old perhaps, ‘disciplining’ the herd … you have a very wise Mom! The only bright spot on my (work year) horizon is remaining anchored and sane through discussion with my next-door-neighbor. Say ‘Hi’ to Henry, give Cora a ‘pinch on the cheek,’ and James gets a pat-on-the-back. D

    • I am pleased that you appreciate the depth of this image. What I did to enhance the perception of depth was to slightly reduce the clarity of everything in the distance, mostly the clouds above treeline, and then increase the clarity and detail of everything at and below the tops of the bovines! The technique seemed to have the effect I was looking for and you are the first to notice and comment on it. I’m really, really, glad. Thanks, as always, Elke for being such a dedicated and perceptive follower! D

  4. I love this photograph – such vibrant colors. The viewer has no choice but to be engaged in this picture!

    • Lynn … it’s YOU! What a delight to see your name come up in my notifications. I’m glad the image provided reason to smile. This image almost didn’t happen! We were traveling eastward when we came upon and passed this group of pretty ladies. I turned to Joanna and said, “Hey, that would make a nice picture … should we stop?.” She didn’t hesitate and said, “Yes! What kind of photographer are you? Stop, stop, stop, and turn around.” So, we did. Poor Joanna … she is very good about waiting, patiently, while I fuss with this and that before finally getting the shot I want. So, you see, you have her to thank as well. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. D

  5. Oh Dave, they are coming for you. They clearly have been discussing this for quite a while and have finally achieved consensus. They are coming for you.

    • No worries. They were simply taking bets on how soon it would be before I contacted the electric fence … and what part of my body would take the initial hit. The odds were 7:1 that I would hit it just as I inched a bit closer while taking the tenth shot … and the house gave odds 2:1 that I would hit it with my forehead. You’ll be happy to know that the House won on both counts. I’ve got skills! Thanks for checking in today. D

    • Thanks so much Lemony. I know I’ve already said it … but I am really enjoying your botanical posts … especially the most recent. The crispness of the image and its dramatic move from dark to light caught and held my attentions. Really nice. Thanks for stopping in and for taking the time to comment. D

    • Thanks Audrey. There was really no anticipating this one. No preparation, no strategic plan … this opportunity simply presented itself in an instant was we were zooming down the road. Glad you liked it too. D

  6. LOL! This is a riot! Seriously … someone should use this as their company sign! It could also be in a caption contest! What are these cows thinking! BEAUTIFUL image!

  7. Oh man! Now I’m seeing this after watching season finales of “The Killing,” “Continuum,” and “Falling Skies” all in one night. Those cows – they’d’ve (now there’s a contraction) fit right in with some of what I just watched. Dave – check to see if they got to you. Look for implants, small puncture wounds at the base of the neck are a sure sign. 🙂

    • Hey Maurice … forgive me for not responding to this earlier … my chip was acting up (interference from the microwave in the kitchen … I must be sitting too close). Thanks for the warning. I’ll check for those punctures this evening! D

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