Thanks Nikon

The UPS truck came bumping up the drive yesterday, just before the rain. The driver disembarked and handed me a not-too-carefully wrapped package from Melville, New York … it was my D600, at last. Like a kid at Christmas I quickly opened the box. The enclosed receipt read, “RPL shutter, CLN lp filter, FRMWR upgrade.” Wondrous! Nikon had replaced the offending shutter, cleaned the offending image sensor, and upgraded the camera’s firmware (a variety of what is more commonly known as software). Life is good. Tomorrow’s schedule is full and some of what is planned has the potential for offering up photographic opportunity. Let’s hope. The image below was taken last May on a walk to record images of the spring Lady Slipper.


14 thoughts on “Thanks Nikon

  1. My favorite thing about this one is the dreaminess and depth of the treetops in the background. Great effect!

    • Thanks much. It was one of those that I had passed over initially. Because the Nikon was out-of-commission for so long I was forced to take a better look at the archive and this one jumped out. Glad you liked it.

  2. That reminds me of something. I grew up in a small rural fishing village (we call them outports here) and relied heavily on mail order catalogs for the sort of things ‘townies’ just pop downtown for. Two in particular: Simpson-Sears and Eatons, both based in Toronto, but with branches here and there (if memory serves me correctly I addressed one of the companies at Halifax and I think the other was at Moncton). I’d save my money for something, or blow portions of birthday/Christmas loot that way. I’d write up the order form and then mail it, along with the correct money order (no credit cards then). What joy when the parcel arrived at the post office 10-14 days later! You know, thinking back, I recall the pleasure of the anticipation as being sweetest of all. Yes, there was a joy in the ‘getting’ and certainly in the ‘having’ but, maybe the planning, saving and waiting were the best of all. After all those are the most powerful memories. Now, that’s not really the case here (at least I don’t think it is) and I look forward to some great new pictures. That said the ones you’ve been sharing taken with the backup have been great too 🙂

    • Anticipation … remember that song by Carlie Simon (at least I think she famously sang it). Or … how about Keats, Ode to Grecian Urn (a great read if you’ve next looked at it)!? Joy, in life, is in large part about anticipation. Anticipation is where it’s at. Having stuff is, counter-intuitively, not as exciting as anticipating it. You’ve hit upon one of life’s greatest truisms! In the particular case of the D600 however, having is far better than anticipating. D PS: I still relax by looking at catalogs (sometimes).

      • Perhaps my favourite line from ANY song comes from that one, “… And stay right here ’cause these are the good old days.” They always can be if we’re skillful 🙂 … and a bit lucky.

    • Yup … you got that in one. Took it out last evening for the first post-repair session. It was good to have it back. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Also, you’re botanical series continues to delight and impress. D

  3. So happy for you that you have your old friend back safely in your hands 🙂 On a different note, for some reason your posts have not been appearing in my reader … I’m going to try unfollowing you, and then refollowing … hopefully this won’t be a painful process 🙂

    • I wonder why these lists are so unstable? This has happened to you before I believe? I know it’s happened to some of my other followers as well. It’s happened to me too. Anyway, please be sure to get yourself back! What would I do without you? D

  4. Glad you have your baby back! This photo is gorgeous. Can’t imagine an image being more crisp than this! Beautiful colors and light.

    • Thanks. It was taken last spring. Stay tuned … I’ve got a wonderful image that I took the first time out with the repaired camera. I’ll work on it this evening and hopefully post before bed. June is a stunner! D

    • Yup! I asked Joanna if I could put it under my pillow the night of its return … she said ‘No’ but that I could put it on the nightstand! It is indeed nice to have it back. ‘Hats off’ to Nikon for doing the right thing … under warranty! Let me say here, George, that I very much appreciate each and every one of the many comments you left here yesterday. Each one puffed my ego in its turn. I know that it took you a finite amount of time, and I very much appreciate it. Really … one-photographer-to-another. D

  5. Hurrah, your camera is back, although I don’t believe that you can do better than this capture!

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