Tempo of a summer visit

Joanna and I were fortunate to have been able to take a few days away from the farm last week. While on escape (notice that I did not refer to this time away as vacation) we were happy to have Molly and Ryan stay with us. Although the venue for our meeting was very close to the beach, the weather was uncooperative and we spent most of our time together eating and visiting. There was no rush and no schedule … no fancy dress and no shoes. I very much enjoy the tempo of summer visits.


13 thoughts on “Tempo of a summer visit

  1. Again I am late as we spent a few days off, too – having escaped the office and hiking in the Austrian mountains. I couldn’t agree more to your post – I cannot relate to “fancy organized event-style” vacations at all!

    • Joanna’s worst nightmare is a cruise with 3000 other people! It’s true that great minds think alike. Thanks for taking the time to comment Elke, I hope you are well. D

  2. I love this 🙂 My dad is super cool and crazy talented. Someone else tell him he should go professional!

  3. It sounds perfect even if the weather didn’t co-operate! The company on escapes like this matters more than the scenery:-) The break in routine and the freedom of time are what to me makes a good break. Love that photo of the pink shoes (not yours I’m assuming!).

  4. This is a riot! Love the colors, positions and textures!! 🙂 You’ve turned the ordinary into extraordinary!!

    • Your comments are always so good for my ego. Yes, I liked this simple image as well. I hope Molly doesn’t mind me exposing her lack of attention to detail to the blogging world. D

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