Yesterday’s post concerned the lodging of a nearby wheat field. In addition to the damaged plants, I mentioned that a few were left standing. The image below shows the standing crop from a perspective which is, perhaps, a bit different. I liked it, I hope you will as well.


13 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I love this photo, it looks so soft. It reminds me of some soft grasses that grow near my parents’ house. My brothers and I frolicked through that grass quite a bit. 🙂

    • Hi there Renee … thanks for checking in … it’s always a delight to see your little symbol in my comments section. I hope all is well. And … the very best of luck this coming fall semester! D

  2. One of my favorite views reversed! I used to love to lie down in the deep alfalfa, disturbing as little as possible, and look up through the stems to the sky! I love the texture of your shot.

    • Yes! I love simple images which convey texture. Your recent post of the dogs is a riot of different textures. That image, by the way, made me smile for their expressions (yes, I do believe that dogs have facial expression) of joy, excitement, and delight. D

  3. This one kind of reminds me of peacock feathers! So sad that Mother Nature can wreck havoc over some of the best laid plans. See you tomorrow!

    • No worries … some fraction of this field will still be harvested. The folks who farm for ‘real’ would observe that herein lies the value of crop insurance. Just remember that next time you hear a story about farm subsidies on the radio or television. Farmers really do need a safety net for just this sort of (highly unpredictable) event. D

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