un-R & R on an un-RR

We took the tandem to our local Rail Trail over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The weather was fine and the surface was dry. We road from Rattlesnake Rock to the Tiadaghton Camp Ground. Check out the website of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy for information and to locate a Rail Trail near you.

7 thoughts on “un-R & R on an un-RR

  1. Nice pictures! Now we – in Europe – know where spring is hiding from us. It is strange to see this little river – the past two days news here have been flooded (bad pun) by pictures of the middle European “100-year flood”.

  2. Wow! That is a beautiful ride! What a treat to be able to bike next to the river. We have a rail trail about an hour south, in Massachusetts, or 2.5 hours north, in Burlington. For many years there was a group that campaigned to get a rail trail going in this area, but it just kept falling flat. The railroad was in the mix and it was too pricey to make happen. However, never say never! I’m not sure where our tandem went, either, but this makes me want to find it! Nice to see you guys headed out and were able to enjoy some nice weather!

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