Walk at day’s end

I spent a large part of the day either attached to a weed trimmer, behind a push mower or tiller, or astride a tractor. By day’s end Joanna suggested that a walk was in order, and I agreed. We’ve had rain so I thought the run would be flowing as it was when I last visited. I was surprised therefore to find that it had fallen a bit. No matter, rocks would be easier to pick this way. It’s been a while since I took the time to build a cairn and thought that doing so would be a good way to spend a late-afternoon hour or so. I am comfortable at either end of the dryness spectrum. I like to be completely dry or completely saturated and very much dislike the in between. So into the stream, dry shoes, socks, and all, and ten minutes later I had my subject ready. I was pleased with the result save a single detail suitable for the Eye Spy series of children’s books. Can you see what I Spy? The light was beginning to fade but what little remained penetrated the canopy to dance among the ferns. I paused, though not for long. The breeze had flagged and mosquitoes now gathered, eagerly, abundantly, and with determination. I turned for home.

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