Walk at day’s end

I spent a large part of the day either attached to a weed trimmer, behind a push mower or tiller, or astride a tractor. By day’s end Joanna suggested that a walk was in order, and I agreed. We’ve had rain so I thought the run would be flowing as it was when I last visited. I was surprised therefore to find that it had fallen a bit. No matter, rocks would be easier to pick this way. It’s been a while since I took the time to build a cairn and thought that doing so would be a good way to spend a late-afternoon hour or so. I am comfortable at either end of the dryness spectrum. I like to be completely dry or completely saturated and very much dislike the in between. So into the stream, dry shoes, socks, and all, and ten minutes later I had my subject ready. I was pleased with the result save a single detail suitable for the Eye Spy series of children’s books. Can you see what I Spy? The light was beginning to fade but what little remained penetrated the canopy to dance among the ferns. I paused, though not for long. The breeze had flagged and mosquitoes now gathered, eagerly, abundantly, and with determination. I turned for home.

21 thoughts on “Walk at day’s end

  1. There’s a face … a tree ent … in the first tree on the left. Also a rock elf’s face … third rock down from the top of the cairn. I love this photo, it stunning, and so artistic … and then I read you built the cairn. Wonderful D, keep getting your feet wet for shots like this 🙂 I took some photos yesterday of a cairn field, high on a mountain pass which had me thinking of you and your cairns … will post some of the photos soon.

    • Nice … I wouldn’t have thought that my query would get folks playing the ‘faces-in-the-clouds’ game … it has been very interesting to see what different folks saw in the image. Ents … love ’em. What I was driving at was far less interesting an imaginative! There’s a water spot on the lens about half-way-down to the right of middle. Ent faces are much more interesting. Thanks Soenaid. Can’t wait to see your Scottish cairns! D

  2. Is there a small animal left to the cairn (close to the middle of the picture, near the water) – like a rabbit or a squirrel? Or is my imagination running wild?

    • Ha! That’s not what I had in mind but once she read your comment Joanna saw your ‘squirrel’ in an instant. No … what I was referring to was the water spot on the lens just right of center! Must take time this evening to read your lengthy post! I’ll be back. D

  3. On that third leaf up from the bottom of that fern plant, on the left-hand side, it looks like a little smiling cartoon frog. Everyone sees things differently, though. I could just be seeing this because my son has little rubber cartoon frogs as bath toys.

  4. No one works water and green better. Very dramatic shots. You do know how to create a mood.

  5. I am not quite sure, because I have bunnies on the mind, but I think I see something small and possibly furry on a rock on the left, middle part of the photo. What a gorgeous couple of photos, and I don’t know HOW your cairn does it! Remarkable. What a great afternoon you must’ve had. We’ve had a ton of rain these past few days, flash flooding (not on our road, too mountainous here), but Bennington is suffering a bit tonight. Tornado watch, too. Soon I will post – so many thousands of goings on for this mom these days. Eleven healthy, gorgeous lambs that are now 3 weeks +. Healthy ewes, too.

  6. Your cairns really defy gravity. The kids love the “I spy” books. I think I see what it is, but don’t want to give it away for others so I’ll save it for later. Love the fern too!

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