ILFB Award

I thank fellow blogger Elke at Theory and Practice of Trying to Combine Just Anything for her kindness in nominating me for the very first Intelligent Life-Forms in the Blogosphere Award. Here are the rules of her newly conceived award. Only Elke herself will be able to note certain modifications in these rules which are allowed under Rule 7.

0. The ILFB Award is the Intelligent Life-Forms in the Blogosphere Award, it recognizes bloggers who are able to cover diverse subjects in a thoughtful and entertaining way.
1. You MAY nominate the blogger who has nominated you and in this way the award MAY bounce between two recipients, forever. If you chose to nominate the same blogger in sequence you MUST change the reason for subsequent nominations (see Rule 2).
2. You MUST explain, in more than one full sentence, why you have nominated the nominee. You SHOULD nominate bloggers who are able to write about at least two seemingly diverse subjects.
3. You SHOULD reblog or pingback one of the nominee’s posts that has been published within the past year. The linked post SHOULD reflect key characteristics of the nominated blog (see Rule 2).
4. You MUST display the award’s logo. You MAY change the title of the award as well as its logo. Mutational change is anticipated.
5. If you find inconsistencies or loopholes in these rules you SHOULD amend them.
6. If the award title results in copyright infringement or any other violation you MAY modify it. You MUST NOT hold the award’s founder liable.
7. You MAY modify and amend Rules 1 – 8 as long as changes reflect your being an intelligent life-form and as long as said changes are in line with the primary directive of the award (Rule 0).
8. Include this complete set of rules in your nomination post.

I have chosen to nominate two blogs for this award. My first nominee is Maurice at Duck? Starfish? but … 23. Maurice is an inspiring life-form with interests in physics, computers, education, and in too many other things to enumerate here. He has recounted the birth and evolution of K-12 distance education in Newfoundland and in Labrador. This is Maurice’s sixteen part magnum opus and firsthand account of the pedagogical and technical innovations needed to bring distance learning to the mostly rural population of a sprawling piece of real estate which is approximately twice the size of Great Britain with less than 1% of its population. Maurice is so versatile a blogger that he nearly brought me to tears with his stirring interview with Holocaust survivor Philip Riteman. My second nominee for this award is Elke herself at Theory and Practice of Trying to Combine Just Anything , whose brainchild is this ILFB Award. She is geeky, smart, and an inspiration. It’s pretty clear that at the root of Elke’s persona is her love of science, especially physics. I very much enjoyed her post concerning the seeming paradox of a falling slinky. This post challenged me to see and think beyond what I thought I knew (what more could one ask from a blog post?). At the other end of the spectrum is her preoccupation with both Search Term Poetry and especially Spam Poetry. Anyone who can give birth to a literary genre, calling it Postmodern Science Fiction Inspired Spam Poetry Devoid of Meaning, has got to be a must-read. I hesitate to provide yet further evidence of my characterization of  Elke as a renaissance blogger but permit me to point to her fascination with corporate culture. Her insights here are critical, fair, and revealing.

Since establishing my own blog the people responsible for the thoughtful and inspiring sites mentioned above have been sources of feedback, support, and motivation. They are not alone however and I am sorry that the guidelines Elke has provided prohibit me from nominating several other deserving bloggers for this award. Thanks everyone. D


16 thoughts on “ILFB Award

  1. Thanks a lot Dave – this was a sublime acceptance speech, you are meeting the high expectations and qualify once more as an intelligent life-form! The Subversive El(k)ement herewith declares your being compliant with the rules. You have made an excellent choice by nominating Maurice as I am also a fan of his blog, and – above all – it was a tweet of his that initially pointed me to your blog. Ha ha, somehow I had expected that Rule 1 would backfire! So I keeping searching for intelligent life in the blogosphere, but I will make use of rule … wait, where is it? 😉 … that I can wait for quite a while until nominating anybody else. I can spot the amendments – subtle changes indeed! As a biologist you have managed to genetically engineer the award to make it live forever now. As you mentioned my fascination with corporate culture – I think this mutation is OK as also corporations are designed (as legal entities) to live forever. But you have introduced time-travel-movie-style paradoxa already. In my version of the rules, “the founder” was exempt from nominating somebody without having been nominated herself. In your version – which now applies to me as a nominee as well – this clause has been dropped. In my universe I might start a new nomination thread from scratch, but not in yours. Ha! Nobody detected that loophole! 🙂

    Dan and Michelle, in case you are reading this: I have not forgotten that your Liebster questions are still in my queue – I am now trapped in an award black-hole I have created myself.

    • The only clause which involved the progenitor stated that at T=0 she was permitted to nominate without having been nominated herself (a violation of Rule 1 from which you are exempt). This is a work-around the ancient Chicken-and-Egg conundrum. Since involvement of the progenitor was limited to a sample of N=1 at T=1 I assumed that mention of this was not necessary since as soon as you nominated me .. the question was mute (that is, when N > 1 at T > 1 the latter clause of Rule 1 becomes undefined). I hope I have not overstepped the bounds of proper decorum. Let’s see what Maurice does with all of this! D

      • This discussion is even getter better 🙂 I admit I left the clause there as a loophole for myself – so that I would be able to restart the nomination processes if it ever dies out :-). But I stated that nominees can amend the rules, but I did not anticipate they would change this :-D.

          • I am absolutely fine with this! The clause “you MUST NOT nominate somebody if you haven’t been nominated. The founder of the award is exempt from the latter.” has been omitted from (1). But just in case I will ever feel that bored that I want to start another nomination thread I would justify this on the basis of my original post in my version of the multi-verse 🙂

              • Dave – first, thank-you for nominating me and for your very kind words. As you probably know I’m the type of person who makes sure he is not around when the whole idea of awards comes up. It serves primarily to remind me of my many hidden warts. But for you and Elke, I’ll make the exception and be gracious. :>) That said the greatest award I ever get is the frequent visits you, Elke and others make to my site and, especially for the comments you both make which always add value to what’s been written. You know that my first instinct is to nominate you both back but (1) that would be too easy and (2) the recursive process would probably break poor old wordpress for ever. Now … I have to figure out how to modify that ILFB award to really get on Elke’s nerves but … damnit … she’s done an excellent job in it.

                • Thanks, Maurice 🙂 You intelligent life-forms are really keeping me busy this afternoon – a bunch of language artists have turned my award seeding post into postmodern artwork and I lost control of it. But the good thing about blogging and social media is: It feels a bit like work! So many e-mails to process!

                    • There’s a little boutique downtown called the Newfoundland Weavery. I was there getting a birthday gift for my friend’s daughter (she’s studying voice at U or Toronto and I found a cute little princess puppet for her there) and I just came across the ewe. It’s about 30 inches long and rather nice. Of course I immediately thought of Pairodox farm even if it’s not one of your breeds :>)

  2. Congratulations on joining the pantheon of intelligent bloggers. It’s an honor you justly deserve.

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