Joanna hard at work.

4 thoughts on “Joanna hard at work.

    • Yes George, shearing is dirty work. Joanna says, ‘No one touches my sheep.’ She’d rather do it herself than have someone else’s hand on her animals and on her fleeces. She’s one-in-more-than-a-million … but we both know that! The sheep look quite a bit more comfortable out there too … the nights have been cool and I think they’re really enjoying it. Thanks for checking in. D

  1. Astonishing feat, and impressive. It has to be seen to be believed. I wouldn’t worry about my ears, Joanna seems pretty capable to me. Nice shot!

    • I’ll show Joanna. You should have put the comment upfront so visitors can see it more easily. As it is this comment is embedded with the photo. Joanna will appreciate it none-the-less. Thanks. D

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