Sheep thrills

To avoid copyright entanglements I want to quickly point out that the image on the left is owned by the Hallmark Greeting Card Company and it may be purchased as a greeting card at Hallmark’s website. Joanna received this card several months ago and I thought it would be appropriate to it include here. Its sentiment reads, Hope your birthday is filled with sheep thrills. We were very busy last week with shearing and managed to work the entire flock, finishing with the rams over the weekend. Joanna leaves the boys for last because their many delicate bits make the work especially difficult and slow. Although the card shows sheep enjoying moments of excitement and pleasure I’m not sure that our animals experience the same at shearing. Lambs are uneasy about the entire process and it interests me that older animals clearly remember the event and are much easier to handle on the stand, some even relax in eager anticipation of having their winter coats removed. I very much empathize with all of this. Joanna has cut my hair for more than three decades and even after all this time I still worry about my ears. If you are interested in reading about sheep fleeces and their characteristics you can check out an older post.

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