5 bottoms

On my way into town this morning I heard an interesting report on National Public Radio about the dramatic shifts in weather being experienced in the midwest and their consequences. States all across the Corn Belt (including Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana, and parts of Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, and Missouri) experienced near-drought conditions in 2012 and crop yields dropped significantly as a result. This year farms are experiencing conditions at the other end of the weather spectrum such that only 2% of the corn crop is in the ground because of near-record amounts of rain. Given the number of days to maturity, for corn for example, there is a critical window for spring planting and farmers across this part of the country are in a pretty tight spot. I point this out in the hopes of getting anyone who is disconnected with the work of producing our food to stop and consider what it takes to grow the produce and meats that line the shelves of the brightly lit and heavily stocked aisles of our local markets. Take a moment and ask yourself what it would take for you to grow your own food, all of it. I can give you a bit of insight into what it would take … lots and lots of effort. So, here’s to those thousands of folks who simply want to get into their fields to plant their crops to put food on your table. Let’s all hope for a bit of dry weather across the midwest. Just enough for the farmers to get those tractors out to work the land. I took the photo below on my way back to our bit of ground yesterday. I’ve been watching the fields down by the river since promising you a few weeks ago that I would be looking for the first tractor to turn the soil. As I hit the road down by the river this 4440 with 5-bottoms came into view. I needed to get home, Joanna was waiting, we had a date to shear sheep. A promise is a promise however so I stopped to capture the image. [For those of you who know the I Spy series of books for kids, I spy a Robin … do you?]


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