Take two

Longtime followers may remember an image of this shed posted back in January.  My travels this past weekend took me by the field once more and I thought it would be nice to update you, photographically, on the rapidly advancing spring of this Susquehanna Valley. If you look closely you can just make out a wee bit of green among the branches and alfalfa (of two years ago) is showing among the corn stalks. This field should be plowed under soon and planted to alfalfa (or beans perhaps) in its annual rotation. Spring is Joanna’s favorite season. She enjoys watching living things grow and flourish. Lambs, peeps, bees, wildflowers, and most especially the trees with which she has a very special connection. For your interest, the image at the bottom of the post is the winter-view mentioned above.



15 thoughts on “Take two

  1. Another beautiful photo, once again so artistic, and I love to see the two photos together to see the contrast between the seasons. What a great idea, you’ve given me some new inspiration 🙂

  2. Great photos as usual, but I need to add an inappropriate comment: The lonely shack in the fields, near the lonely tree – isn’t that an image that’s scary in a subtle way and sort of an archetypical motif used in many horror movies?
    I hope I can get The Silence of the Lambs out of my head when you post the next cute lamb photo 🙂

    • Argh … we were just out there over the weekend and I had the camera with me … wish I had thought about it! I’ll see if I can remember the next time I’m out there. Sorry we missed the Skype visit … perhaps this weekend? D

  3. Another winner! Your blog is always such a great visit. I also have a spot on our road that is season-worthy for photo-chronicling. Is that a word? Someday I should attempt to put them into some sort of collage. I just love how you caught the contrast in the winter between the stubble and the sky and now in the spring of the green against the yellow. Looking forward to the next post – always unique and usually exquisite. Nice photography & subjects.

    • Thanks Tammy … reading your comments always provides a boost for my ego and self image (are they the same thing?). Joanna announced last evening that we’re going to start shearing this afternoon! My back aches already just thinking about it. She says we need to do six ewes each day … argh. We heard of a guy that’ll come to your place and shear for $3.50 a head … but Joanna says ‘no one touches my fleeces.’ Oh well … wish us luck. Thanks again for the kind words … actually, truth-be-told, I think you’re channeling my grandmother (Bertha, on my mother’s side), if she were still alive she would be a dedicated follower like you. D

  4. What a great idea to show the same shot 4 months later at a different time of year! Interesting to see the change in color palate. Such a nice way to keep your blog fresh and new! Reminds me of Little House on the Prairie 🙂

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