Quenshuckney is one of the local roads which runs up the mountain. We’ve been told its name means Mountain full of springs. Some of our friends live up there, in back of beyond, and we have always thought the topography was beautiful. In particular I appreciate the dairy farms and the examples of strip contour cropping which abound. This is the practice of planting crops in strips, but there’s more to it than that. A crop like corn, which is susceptible to the effects of erosion, is planted alongside a crop which is more stable such as orchard grass or alfalfa. The idea is that the latter, the cover crop, will catch soils washed from the former due to the effects of wind and rain. If you knew the area you would also observe that the strips are planted perpendicular to the direction with which these forces prevail. The view from on top is really quite pleasing and on a clear day you can see the hills which form the Susquehanna River Valley to the south. Joanna was keen to drive up yesterday as we had some nice weather … it would be an opportune time to capture  the beautiful shades of early spring green. She was right.


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