Because we do not have television we’ve always relied on a weather radio to monitor our local weather conditions. It has weather alert capacity such that an alarm will sound if the National Weather Service should issue statements including watches and warnings. The alert system is tested on Wednesday and although yesterday was Wednesday there was something about the darkening sky to the north that told us, when the alarm sounded around four in the afternoon, that this was not a test and that there was heavy weather coming our way. Sure enough we experienced an unusual and very powerful front that passed by the farm in two waves. The weather radio sounded the alarm and continued to do so every half hour until about nine by which time the front had passed. Although the radar was suggestive of a deluge, we didn’t get all that much moisture; and given the dire warnings of strong winds and hail, we were very glad when none transpired. We were, however, treated to some very beautiful cloud formations. Both of the images here were taken with the Hx9V (because I was afraid to take the D600 out into the rain). You should know that the magnificent arc of clouds is not an artifact of the super-wide, panoramic, view – there is actually very little distortion here and this is a pretty darn good representation of what the rapidly moving edge of the front looked like.



18 thoughts on “Storm

    • Yup … I agree. More often than not a good photographic opportunity lasts just a few minutes. I was indeed lucky to have been home and to have noticed what was going on outside and to have had the camera at the ready. I took a quick look at portraitsofwildflowers and have decided to follow … I hope you will consider doing the same! D

  1. Dad this is amazing. You’ve captured the anger and unpredictability of the storm beautifully. Well done! You would have had plenty of fodder for your camera here today. We got a good 3/4 inch of ice. Dangerous, but pretty.

    • ! Thanks ! I hope you were at home (and not driving about) when these clouds passed by. After the wind event of last August we were concerned about what this particular system might bring. We were pleased when the worst of it passed us over. Thanks for your enthusiastic expression of approbation. D

  2. This is spectacular! Reminds me of a Vincent Van Gogh painting that I can’t remember the name of … Starry Night? But in your case it was STORMY night! Glad you missed the brunt of this one!

    • Yes, Starry Night does have some of the same feel – at least with regard to color and dynamics. But you are correct – ours was indeed a very stormy night. After the wind storm of last August Joanna now worries when weather systems such as this develop. Thank goodness the worst that this one brought passed us by. D

    • Yes Ogee … truth be told, Joanna no longer enjoys storms such as this because of a major ‘blow down’ we experienced last August – that was terrifying. Storms such as this are indeed very powerful – I’ve always got my fingers crossed that the worst will pass on by. If you can get beyond the worry – the weather systems are quite beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for your observations. D

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