Challenge … Part 2

Here is the second installment to my challenge. You will recall that I am posting images of the component parts of something highly functional and somewhat unusual found here at the farm.   When all of the components have been shown I’ll post an image of the assembled item. If there is sufficient interest in the series I’d consider posting a video of the thing in use. So, here’s to something highly functional. What do you make of the object below? What is it? And what is it part of?


And here are the component parts we’ve collected thus far.

13 thoughts on “Challenge … Part 2

    • Good … as it should be. Stay glued to your computer/phone (whatever) I’ve got the next image ready to be posted tomorrow! How exciting! I’ve discovered how to draw an enthusiastic group of followers … drive them all nuts! D

  1. I hope you’re happy … I’ve spent a good chunk of my morning pondering, squinting, google searching, and going through the entire online NASCO catalog. Still stumped … I can’t wait for another photo!

  2. No idea yet 😉 but I did not do as thorough research as Maurice. I even tried to search for component 1 using Google’s image search – hoping that Google might find a similar image. To no avail!

    • Thanks for being an active participant Elke! Stay tuned, I’ve got another installment that I’ll post tomorrow! Perhaps by the end of next we’ll reveal the identify of the mystery item if no one guesses before then! D

    • I will certainly answer yes or no questions … absolutely. I was trying to make the images aesthetically pleasing … putting a ruler in there will mess with my space … don’t you think so? D

  3. I sense blog traffic every slowing as we divert energies to on-line agriculture catalogues and runing dozens of Google searches. The frustrating thing is, it looks familiar!

    • Ha! Thanks very much for being an enthusiastic participant M. Hatzel! I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to work but you and a few others seem to be having fun with it. This item that has been deconstructed has quite a few parts – more to come – stay tuned. D

  4. Ha – good puzzle. So far I’ve painstakingly looked up related equipment for feeding, dipping, other health, penning, lambing, husbandry and shearing. No dice … so far. So … rod through centre that can be used for lifting. Looks like there’s a cap end. Possibly zinc-plated iron. Hmmm – maybe this is not specific to sheep-raising. Have to cast a wider net.

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