This is the twin brother of our crossbred Shetland ram lamb #1400 whose photo I posted several days ago. He’s showing not a little bit of attitude here.  Margaret, one of our two-year-olds, presented twins just this morning and so with that happy event yet another of our lambing seasons comes to an end. We put twelve ewes out and these were bred successfully thanks to the unyielding efforts of herd sire Woodruff an his understudy Siegfried. Among the births we had eight sets of twins and four singles. We had two losses and Marcie, a yearling who was supposed to have been kept from the rams, lambed a single. If my math is correct that gives us nineteen healthy lambs on the ground today. Although we are expecting rain within the next day or so it is warm and dry at the moment. Once the approaching weather system clears we will begin shearing. After that it’ll be on to castrating and then culling. There have been times when our flock numbered very near 100 head … since then we have culled rigorously while selecting for wool color and character. We like to go into fall breeding with ten or twelve mature ewes, eight or ten ewe lambs, and two rams. Right now we’ve got forty-two animals on pasture. We need to reduced the flock by half  come September and that’s always a difficult task. We will need to say goodbye to older animals we have come to know well and to younger ones that don’t fit into the architecture of this small spinning flock. For now though all are on green pasture and are very much enjoying the fresh air, warm breezes, and bright blue sky.


10 thoughts on “Cheeky

    • Hi Wisejourney … thanks for checking in. Yes he is a handsome little guy isn’t he? Many folks think that sheep only come in white! Our flock is naturally-colored and includes everything from snow-white to this little guy, dark-as-night. You can tell if the dark ones will turn brown as adults, because the skin around their eyes will be a bit reddish. Looks like this guy will be full black. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. D

    • Truth-be-told George … he’s a crossbred and we only hold on to full shetlands only rarely. If you lived closer I could bring him over to your place to keep the grass down! D

  1. Another beautiful specimen!! There sure is a heck of a lot of work to do on that farm of yours. You and Joanna must sleep like logs! Remember to keep me in mind if there are any interesting pelts in the future!

  2. That face says I’m having my first THOUGHTS! And they are good 🙂 congratulations on the 400th lamb, also! That’s amazing! Seems like just yesterday Mom and Joanna were learning how to spin and trying to keep Molly and Katie out of the roving basket …. Time flies.

    • You’re not allowed to talk like that and certainly not allowed to use the term ‘Seems like just yesterday.’ You too are supposed to be the same age as the girls were when they were trying to pull that roving out of that basket. You are absolutely not allowed to be all grown up … stop this instant or I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue.

  3. He’s a proud little fella. Such a beautiful coat and endearing face. Love it! You must be very proud of your animal family.

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