And now for something completely different

Several weeks ago, in response to my post concerning a snow fence, someone commented that they thought I had a particular penchant for discussing highly functional and perhaps unusual objects. I have been thinking about that observation and came to the conclusion that it might be fun to do a bit more of that … this time, however, with a bit of a twist. Over the next little while I will endeavor to post images of the component parts of something highly functional and somewhat unusual from here at the farm. When all of the components have been shown I’ll post an image of the assembled item. If there is sufficient interest in the series I’d consider posting a video of the thing in use. So, here’s to something highly functional. What do you make of the image below? What is it? And what is it part of?


19 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. I am going to go with part of a high-tensile fence … maybe one of the gadgets that helps secure the corner posts?

    • Hi M. Hatzel … thanks for participting in this puzzle. ‘Heat lamp shrouds’ is a good guess but not correct. Stay tuned however, there should be another ‘piece’ posted later today! Will have to visit your blog in a bit. Thanks again for checking in. D

  2. Michael and I were discussing this … I think it’s the roller that holds pesticides for automatic application to cattle as they move in and out of a doorway. Usually they are covered with something fabric-y but I imagine it looks like this inside. Hmmm?

  3. This is just fabulous, and intriguing. I think I’d be cheating to ask Jim to help me out – his engineer-mind has an advantage in these situations. I thought the top part reminded me of the wire fastener that I used to affix a water bottle to a crate this morning, but the cylinder portion looks like either an extreme close-up of some sort of electrical circuit-y thing, or a spring-esque item. But I’ll come back to this later on to look and guess again. It’s going to take some discipline, but I’ll not look at the previous comments!

  4. This is a great idea! We have a TV show in Austria based on a similar idea. Some comedians have to guess at the meaning of unusual terms and the purpose of a simple, but yet unusual so-called “thing of the week”. Obviously this show hasn’t given me a better feeling for unusual things as I have no idea yet 😀 Since you have taken the photos I will not have a chance using Google’s image search.

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