Going up

This is another in the series of images collected from Poverty Hill Orchard, the home of Farnum Hill Cider. This time it’s an apple’s eye-view of  the upstream side of the apple grinder. Nothing for the technology sophisticate here, just a hopper, a short conveyor (shown here), and on to the grinder. And, of course, what comes out is pressed to yield the juices which are then fermented to become cider. The wood grains and shades of muted color were pleasing to my eye.


7 thoughts on “Going up

  1. The wood is so smooth and aged. Reminds me of a large zipper! Great vantage point. Good thing the apple doesn’t know what’s coming! 🙂

    • When Ryan was giving us the tour … I asked about getting up into the hopper … everyone looked like I was nuts … but, yes, I think the resulting vantage was well worth the scramble.

  2. In my humble opinion the textures, perspective, and hues combine to make this one of your best compositions. Bravo!

    • Hey … is it Jake? Thanks much for checking in and for your expression of appreciation. Much appreciated on this end. I’ll be sure to check in to see what your about … shortly. D

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