Because snow was in the forecast we went for a walk yesterday at Bald Eagle State Park. We arrived early and had the place to ourselves save the scull (crew) teams that were training on the lake. There were a number of foot paths for easy hiking and we chose the Woapalanne path on the outbound trip and then the butterfly trail on the return. I appreciate the important nod to the Native American people of this area, both this walking path and the park itself are named for the Lenape chief Woapalanne whose name means bald eagle. The terrain was higher and drier on the inbound trip and last summer’s Teasel were in abundance there. Just before we departed for home I captured a few frames of these beautiful dried flowers and didn’t think much about it … until I got home and thought about the possibility of posting one here. Desaturation lent itself well to the monochromatic original. Joanna says she sees a smiley face. I hope you will agree that, on both counts, the result is satisfactory.


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