Snow fence

Although we cannot remember the year, Joanna and I both remember that the girls were once able to swim in the pond before the end of the month of March. The prognostications of Punxsutawney Phil notwithstanding we had significant snowfall last weekend, just before our vernal equinox, and the weather report is calling for measurable snow for tomorrow. Those who do not regularly see snow may not recognize the snow fence below. These are placed perpendicular to prevailing winds and along lengthy stretches of road which run through open, treeless, or unobstructed areas. The term fetchΒ is most usually associated with oceans and refers to a span of water over which wind blows to generate waves. When winds blow along a lengthy fetch there is more time for the wind to impart energy to the water and larger waves may result. I think it appropriate then to use the word fetch in this farmland context as well. When there is snow on the ground or in the air, and winds blow along a lengthy fetch, they will accumulate significant snow loads and these may be deposited across, and thereby obstruct, roads. When such winds hit a snow fence however, they are slowed and the load is deposited at the fence … and the road, just downwind, is spared. This snow fence made for a nice image in the morning light.


12 thoughts on “Snow fence

  1. Oh snow upon snow upon snow … woke up to more this a.m.. We’re all so weary. In spite of the grey, the white, the winter hay colors, I am finding shoots of hope in that I spied snowdrops last week, crocus buds, tulip sprouts & my garlic shoots up in the thawed bits of the garden. We have a considerable amount of snowfencing in our parts, and I’ve never seen it captured quite so beautifully.

  2. What a beautiful shot of something so functional … but I’m beginning to recognize this as one of your trademarks πŸ™‚ we will be heading up north in a few days and snow fences like this will hopefully have kept the mountain road passable

    • Thanks Seonaid … you were very kind to take the time to observe, reflect, and comment this morning. I hope your trip ‘up north’ goes well. Be sure to take lots of pictures – I’ll be waiting to see some pretty ones! D

      • Oh I will do my best … much as I love taking shots from all around my everyday world it’s even better when I dip into fresh scenes. Well I say fresh, but they are much visited too as its where my mothers from, and we try to visit several times a year πŸ™‚

  3. So this is happening on a global level. I will start crafting my personal climate conspiracy theory. It is snowing here as well. Passive-aggressive Facebook postings about that make it a bit easier to cope with πŸ˜‰

    • Do you know the reference to ‘Punxsutawney Phil’? We have a tradition here in which a Ground Hog (Woodchuck) is supposed to determine, early in the month of February, whether we’ll have an early spring or a drawn out winter. This year he ‘predicted’ and early spring – and boy, was he wrong. I have seen funny posts with his picture and lettering which says, ‘I lied.’ I’m sure the Facebook posts you mention are also pretty funny. We’ll get snow today, but I’ll bet this will be the last of it! Keep warm. D

  4. Doesn’t look like much snow out your way. You can make a regular fence look like a piece of sculpture!
    Is the fence really red?

    • Yup … it’s really red. The only thing I did to this photo was to darken it a bit such that it appears to have been taken in the evening when, in fact, it was taken on the way back from coffee on Saturday morning. We’re expecting snow here today … but only a few inches. With any luck it’ll be the last.

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