Esther’s legacy

When Pairodox Farm moved to Pennsylvania from the Hoosier state of Indiana Joanna’s dad passed along an antique water pump that came from one of the family farms in Massachusetts. We were delighted to have it and looked forward to being able to draw water from the well outside the milk room. Before this we drew water with a rope and bucket; try that sometime, it’s not fun at all. The pump came to us in two pieces and with all of its working parts. Amos Kauffman, our local Amish leathersmith, cut a new set of check leathers. Rich, from down the road, brazed the thing together and then all we had to do was attach a length of pipe to extend the end of the pump to the water table below. Now, with just a bit of prime, the thing works like a dream and has pulled water from as much as fifteen or twenty feet. There is tremendous satisfaction in restoring an antique such as this … and in putting it to work.


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