I was almost home when this Pine caught my eye and I stopped to examine and to record its disorientation. Although we haven’t had strong, sustained, winds in the last few days there have been one or two good gusts. The ground is saturated and the combination of wind and wet soil is never good where trees are concerned. Add to that the shallow soils at the base of Bald Eagle Mountain and a perfect storm had developed for this beautiful individual. The upended root ball was less than a foot thick and the depression which resulted from its calamitous upheaval was filled with ground water. What struck me later when I viewed these images was that they gave the impression that they had been taken from up in the tree. Be assured that they were captured with my feet firmly on the ground. [I have a significant fear of heights and cannot fathom how it was that my daughter climbed the California Redwoods.] Perspective is relative.

5 thoughts on “Disorientation

  1. True – only looking at the two pictures first that do not reveal the real position of the tree I have also figured you had climbed up the tree to take a photo 😉

  2. You have a keen eye for discerning interesting textures. You see them everywhere, and in places one would not think to look.

    • Perhaps. On another subject, Joanna informed me of a bit of subterfuge you and she have been participating in. The story has leaked well before its intended release date … meaning the ‘cat’ is out of the proverbial ‘bag.’ Many thanks.

      • Although I know my hope will be dashed … I do very much hope that this comment was not stimulated or otherwise the result of ‘someone’ saying ‘something’ on Facebook this afternoon … you know something about me being frustrated that I don’t have multiple-tens-of-thousands of followers? Do not deny it. Also … I really like quiviet (qiviut, qiviuq … I found many crazy spellings) … I think I’ll update the hentilaggits post with this additional wonderful (perhaps even more wonderul) word. D

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