Promise of spring

Although the equinox is still two weeks away we are already experiencing that roller coaster we call early spring. We had snow on Saturday which resulted in a thin covering by Sunday morning. Monday was dry and the ground was clear by early afternoon. Yesterday we had blue sky, full sun, and the Crocus, Narcissus, and Daffodils pushed through the thin layer of warm soil. The Willow has taken on a slight blush as if it has drawn a breath in anticipation of the effort it will soon put forth. Lambing has begun and Alice’s twins are strong. I had planned to take a listen at the hives yesterday but there was no need for as I approached, several scouts saw to it that I kept my distance. The days are lengthening and the layer hens are coming on strong. I had a hunch the goose might be laying again for she has, on several recent occasions, been absent at chores. I checked and, sure enough, she is accumulating a clutch. A month after she sets we’ll have goslings about the place once more. As we walked the drive last evening I watched the constellations and could hear the distant calls of Canada Geese. I walked down to the pond yesterday in search of photographic inspiration. The sun shines at such an angle on these late winter days that the ice on the north side is thin and fractured. The south side, in shadow most mornings, is still firm so I walked out on to the frozen surface. I didn’t find much save this Oak leaf, frozen but showing the smallest hint of fall color. The chaotic movements of the entrapped bubbles suggested that we will not have ice much longer. All of these observations lead me to the inescapable conclusion that the earth is surely moving in its orbit and that spring is near.


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