Like a lamb

Truth be told, I had a bit of a talk with Siegfried back on October 1. Siegfried, said I, I’d really like to be able to compose a WordPress post announcing the start of lambing season when the time comes and, the thing is, I’d very much like those first lambs to be born on March 1 so the post may be titled “Like a lamb” as in “March came in like a lamb.” If that’s going to happen, you’re going to have to get busy today … NOW in fact.  Siegfried didn’t seem impressed and went about the business of grazing. This was his first time with a group of ewes and, well, I didn’t think it was right to insist. All I could do was hope that he could see his way to helping out. When I returned home from work on Friday afternoon Joanna said she had a surprise for me. Close your eyes, she said. She then handed me a small piece of paper. Now open them, she said. When I did, I saw that she had written something on the small piece of scrap … it read 1322 ♀♀. Because I wasn’t expecting lambs for at least another week or so I was a bit slow on the uptake … then it struck me … ewe #1322 had lambed two little girls today! I got my boots and jacket and Joanna walked me out to where Alice and her twins were getting acquainted. Happy March Joanna said! The girls have been named Audrey and Ione. Thanks very much Siegfried.


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