Rear window

Contrary to its title, this is not a post about the 1954 Hitchcock thriller (one of my all-time favorite movies). It is, instead, about another of the images taken last weekend near Oriole. This is a view through the rear window of the 30s vintage GMC featured in that previous post. Because I haven’t been able to get out with the camera this week I searched the archive and couldn’t resist posting this image.


6 thoughts on “Rear window

  1. This photo really gives a sense of the folks who lived their lives driving that truck around, using it for their work and hopefully for some fun too. You have a knack for capturing nostalgia.

  2. Your images are intriguing! At first glance I always see something that is not in the picture or I misinterpret it 😉 In this case I considered the window a mirror and was baffled as to why I would see the steering wheel in this “mirror”.

  3. I couldn’t help but recall the words of the farmer as I looked through the glass – you know, how the thing was gentle and reliable – so, there I was in the driver seat, pipe between my teeth and with a full load on the back. Heading out, something to sell. “What shall I bring back home to the family?” Buddy Holly or Elvis on the radio …

  4. Fantastic image! I love everything about it! I’ve been meaning to thank you for stopping by (it may have been a couple of weeks ago now). I’ve been swamped, and haven’t had a chance to return the favor. George Weaver recommended your wonderful blog to me, and you in turn left a lovely message on my blog. You commented on my frozen pond photographs, and assumed that I live in Maine. I do spend some of my time in the winter in Maine, but actually, like you, I live in Pennsylvania! I live in South Central, PA (near Harrisburg). Anyway, I just wanted to catch up briefly and let you know that I’ll look forward to following your blog. Best wishes!

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