A message from home

The doors of the YMCA open at five but the woman who works there graciously allows a small cadre of truly obsessive individuals in when she arrives at about 10 minutes to. Workout done, showered, and coffee in hand I was at my desk by 6:05. I called the house about a half hour later. Joanna said that she was on her way out to morning chores and asked whether I had looked out my window … the guys on the radio just commented on the pretty sunrise … she said. I turned and was immediately aware of a pink glow at the window. I told Joanna I’d call her back and hung up the phone. I grabbed my coat, took the stairs to the parking lot, pulled the Hx9V from the glove box of the truck and started to walk toward the levee. As I walked the glow in the east intensified. I ran. Rather than take the long-way-around to the top of the levee I ran straight up its off-side bank. At that point I was 30 feet above the Susquehanna … the air verged on ignition. I remembered there was an access ramp which descended the river-side of the levee to the waters’ edge. It was covered in snow and ice. I shuffled, slipped, and slid to the bottom. The sky was now a mix of pastel blue, pink, and purple … it was ablaze. The first frame I squeezed off is time stamped 6:47, the last of 37 is stamped 6:51. The climax passed and by the top of the hour all evidence of the seemingly phantasmic event was gone save, of course, 124 MB of data stored on the memory card in my camera. [I have made previous mention of the very limited degree to which images appearing on this blog have been subject to post processing. Although I often work with brightness and contrast it has never been my practice to adjust the color of any image presented here. I point this out to reassure any who would otherwise doubt whether the colors rendered here were true.] As soon as I got back to the office I called to thank Joanna for her message from home.


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