No mistakes

When the kids were small Anne of Green Gables was one of their most beloved books. Of all of the indelible images of Avonlea that have remained with me (from the movie version of the same title), the one I relate to most closely is that of Matthew Cuthbert (Anne’s adoptive father) alone in his barn scooping grain from a burlap bag. Although there are also many quotes that I remember the one I recall most readily is one in which Anne observes that Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. Sunrise has, for me at least, this same feeling of freshness and rebirth. The vast majority of photographic moments are fleeting. I captured this particular image several weeks ago on what must have been an early morning coffee run into town. I remember looking over my shoulder at the not-too-distant horizon and thinking that I should stop to take in the view. The call of the coffee bean was strong so I continued … until I was about to merge with the road that would have taken me on a straight shot into town. The sunrise again caught my attention, so strongly this time that I turned around and drove the quarter-mile back to a better view of the new day. I am now glad I did. Although there was cloud cover it was broken, allowing for darkened hints of blue to be seen. The bottoms of the clouds were illuminated by rays of the rising sun. I think that most of us associate darkness with cold, foreboding, and perhaps even that which is unknown. To me the darkness, especially when it sublimes with the dawn of a new day, represents that which is warm, reassuring, and replete with potential.


9 thoughts on “No mistakes

  1. I love so, so much that you worked Anne of Green Gables into your blog. I am always amazed by how much she, as a fictional character, has influenced me. She’s the reason I’ve always maintained a strong “it’s OK to be different” attitude toward life. And I have repeated the ‘tomorrow is always fresh’ adage to myself countless times. Thanks for reminding me of it so beautifully!

    • You’re very welcome. Glad you enjoyed this. I had run out of new images to work with and was looking around through images that I had passed over. I liked this one when it was taken but apparently there was another that I thought was better. Anyway … it’s just a bit unfortunate that I selected this to work with … in the light of the one I took yesterday morning and just-this-minute posted. Tell me what you think of it! D

    • Thanks … is it Ionia? You got it right there. Nature does absolutely everything right. When all of us finally understand that simple fact – the world will be a better place. Nature has had a little bit more than four billion years to work everything out. Man (gender neutral) has been around, in this form, for at the most 200,000 years … having been around for so little time … what makes us think we know anything at all? Thanks for your like-minded understanding. D

  2. Potential, indeed. Super capture, again, and also AoGG references. Very nice. Thank you for this daybreak picture. Each morning as we head up the road, Char and I observe the placement on the horizon … a little nudge north each day, changing the time of the golden moment. So beautiful, love sunrises because of the fresh palate ahead, I suppose.

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