Winter persists

Afternoon chores yesterday were really easy and, dare I say, enjoyable? Mostly because the ground was clear of snow and ice and frozen solid. Today however we had a front roll through at about eight this morning. Temperatures throughout the day were in the low thirties so the precipitation which arrived from the west was mixed, meaning we had rain, snow, sleet, and freezing rain by turns. Afternoon chores today were cold, wet and downright nasty. On more than one occasion this winter Joanna has urged me to capture an image of the pine grove below the lower hay field, after snow when the trees are, as she says, sugar frosted. Each time we have had snow I have cast a glance that way but have not been satisfied. Either the snow was the wrong consistency, or the light was wrong, or both. Until today. The time stamp on the photo below is 3:30 PM. We had just called the veterinarian’s office to ask after Mr. Darcy who had broken the tip off one of his premolars and the root had been exposed as a result. We took him in early this morning to have the offending tooth removed and I was calling to see if he was ready to come home. He was. As we were about to get into the car for the trip to Linden I motioned to Joanna and asked if she thought the trees were pretty … pretty enough for a photo. I gave her a cold for her birthday so she wasn’t feeling all that well and we were late to the vet’s office … she said I should go ahead anyway. I had been in a rush to leave the house and had the Hx9V with me … I think it did a nice job. Testingcutsmall

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