A matter of scale

You may recall that one of my recent posts showed a Chickadee perched atop a rock cairn. The other night I was awake in the wee hours, a cold was brewing. As I tried to get back to sleep my mind wandered as I thought about that image. In particular, although the contrast in scale was of some visual interest, it was unfortunate that the absolute size of the bird was so small. I wondered what I could do to change the relative proportions of the animate and inanimate while at the same time presenting all of the rock construction. How about a mini-cairn … surely that would be possible. I knew that there was a change for the worse predicted for yesterday’s weather (the forecast was spot on … it turned out to be a miserable day) so Monday afternoon I got out the tripod, set the camera to infrared release, and framed a small cairn which I had set on top of  a large wood short. One-hundred and seventy-three frames later, this is what I came up with.Flightsmall

The image below is proof that even a very small bird (weighing only 9-14 g (0.3-0.5 ounce)) may disrupt a very small cairn.


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