Statues discovered

As far as photographic subjects go I didn’t think I was much for statues. I discovered yesterday, to my surprise, that this was not the case. We traveled to Wellsboro and as we rolled through town we passed the Green Free Library. In front I could see a bronze statue of a woman. On the return trip we stopped and I took a few photos of the likeness of Mary Wells Morris (1764-1819) for whom the city had been named. Funny, we had always been under the impression that Wellsboro had been named for the area’s natural gas reserves. I was struck by the figure’s graceful lines and detail which very much appealed. The sculpture is the creation of the A.R.T. Design Group and, in particular, the costume and bonnet are accurate representations of Quaker dress of the early nineteenth century. Lead designer Becky Ault explained that the intent of the design was to depict a woman who carried herself with dignity and determination. I was struck that this was very much the case … Mrs. Wells was beautiful. [Truth be told … what attracted me to Mrs. Wells as we quickly passed was that she reminded me of Joanna.] The garden figurine in the second image also caught my eye as we made our way in to town and I made a mental note to stop to take a closer look on the return trip. We did so and I captured a few images of this small, colorful, fishing boy. Capturing these images taught me two things; first, that statues do indeed make for fine photographic subjects and second, photographic opportunity abounds and it will always present itself to those willing to stop and look.

Lady2small LittleBoysmall

9 thoughts on “Statues discovered

    • Hey Gary … thanks much for taking time today to comment. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’ve really liked what you’ve been doing with the post-processing lately. Especially the deep-woods scenes, of which there have been a few over the last few weeks. I think those have especially enhanced the original image. The depth and clarity of those is what I have especially liked. Keep it up. D

    • Sweet … me? No … not sweet. Somehow saying that someone is being ‘sweet’ implies motivation or ulterior motive (on the part of the sweet person). I simply call-’em-as-I-see-’em! Joanna is beautiful … the statue was beautiful … and therefore the latter reminded me of the former. [I just read back to Joanna and she said … awww, that was sweet. I’ve got a headache!] Thanks for viewing however! Say Hi to The Big A. D

  1. You’ve got some mad skills here Dave! I like how the statues are crisp/clear and the background is a bit out of focus. It draws attention to the subjects. These statues DO make for interesting and beautiful images.

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