Still life (for the moment)

Although I have posted images of cats before, be assured that it is not my intention that this blog should become preoccupied with either pictures or stories of felines. We have two wood stoves here at the house and run one or the other in late fall and early spring. Winter however requires both to keep us warm. It got down to 4°F overnight and nearly 100,000 BTUs per hour of combined output kept the house comfortable. Sputnik sought out the quiet and warmth of the living room this morning and I thought he made for a pleasant image next to the family Samovar.


16 thoughts on “Still life (for the moment)

  1. We gave our cat a bed for christmas and he likes to sleep in it on my desk when I am working, it is very cute. Your cat looks gorgeous. I love the still life.

    • You’re great Leanne – thanks for all of the attention today. But … you’re not supposed to be taking lots of time out of your very busy schedule to comment on my posts! Likes are just as appreciated and very much easier for you. It’s not that I don’t like the feedback – I certainly do – but, I know that comments take a finite amount of time which I know is in short supply for you. Anyway … thanks again. Take a look at my comment in response to your most recent post – it contains a link that may be of interest to you. D

      • I did see it Dave, it was funny, everyone seems to be talking about copyright now. I don’t mind commenting, I won’t always, but if I can I will. I was going through some blogs last night. I like to support those who support me, so you will have to put up with it.

  2. The Dutch tradition of still life was a response to newly emerging patterns of consumption in the merchant middle classes of the great trading cities. The painters were attempting to use the goods of the wealthy to make statements about the qualities of their lives and values. (Roughly put). I so much like the idea of this one. The sleeping cat as a powerful value for all life, plant and animal, entwining as it does around the dailiness of our interactions, and the intense sense of family and identity that I feel in your lives standing with glowing strength and formality in the samovar, these simple things speak to me of the Smith family of Jersey Shore PA. It reminds me of who you are, and I think it is right.

    • Wow! If only I had had such insights and been able to express them in just these words. I hope folks pursue the comments section of this post and read what you have written so well. You’re so informed … such a free thinker … have you ever thought of pursuing an advanced degree! Thanks for taking the time to take a look and to respond with such thoughtfulness Dr. Marsh! D

    • That Sputnik is sleeping in a Rwanda Peace Basket becomes significant too, in that context. Since Sputnik was a refugee from cat fights in our barn when we found him, all of the objects in the photo represent a past of violence and persecution experiencing a moment of peace and tranquility together in our home, and the hope for a peaceful future.

      • Thank you for the comment. I don’t know who is more insightful … you or Lilly. You both put my ability to extract deeper meaning to shame. Perhaps I should stick to pretty pictures. D

  3. Just adorable. He looks so comfy! Without any background, this shot looks like it could be in a children’s counting book … for the number 2!

    • The original photo included the wall rendered with its appropriate color. I thought it detracted from the subjects so worked to remove it and replace it with white. I think the change tends to focuses the attention better. Glad you liked it.

  4. Oh my goodness – thought this was an ad when I first saw it! What a beautiful shot! Of course she’s cuddled up to the Samovar, there is absolutely an aura of warmth about it!

  5. At least you didn’t fall through the ice or come close to being carried away by a raging torrent to get this shot. Karen is right, you are living too dangerously for your art. Adorable shot, by the way.

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